• Sharon - Huntington Beach, California

    The flying dress that I rented was so beautiful. I was honestly shocked by how long the train was, but I was extremely happy with how well it looked in my photos.

  • Emma - Toronto, Canada

    What an amazing time I had with my flying dress. It was as if I was a true queen for the day in my long elegant dress. It flowed so easily in the air to take some great pictures. I promise in each photo the train looked uniquely different. I loved it!

  • Sabrina - Orlando, FL

    For my engagement photos, I wanted something different. Everyone takes photos at magnificent locations, but it’s the outfit that sets them apart from everyone else. When I saw these amazing flying dresses and the different styles, I ordered two so I could have various ones. No one I know has ever taken engagement photos in a flying dress before so from now on, they'll just be following my lead. I love setting trends, and the photos in the flying dress are something everyone will be astonished by. They are gorgeous!

  • Lisa - Los Angeles, CA

    I love taking pictures. If you looked at my phone you would see nothing but selfies. However, this experience tops any photo I have ever taken. The flying dress made everything look exquisite. I’m looking forward to doing this again at another location.

  • Lucy - Orlando, FL

    We saw several women taking photos in these amazing dresses, and we wanted to know where they got them. Fortunately for us, we talked to one of the owners. She had a few extra dresses on site. I was able to go online and book a dress. The pictures came out so beautifully even though my boyfriend took them on his phone.

  • Shunte - Los Angeles, CA

    Y'all this experience was so on point. I had a lot of fun posing in this sophisticated yellow flying dress. Can’t anyone tell me I didn’t look fabulous! I can hardly wait to post them on my birthday!