• How To Book Our Traveling Flying Dresses For Your Photo Shoot

    The process of booking a dress with us is simple. We travel around the United States to various places to provide beautiful flying dresses to our customers. We pick a location and let our clients know where we will be on a particular day.

    All you need to do is choose the place that suits you best, register for the available rental date and time, and make your payment.

    Then, simply come and collect your dress from us on your chosen date and time. It’s easy and convenient! Please know that there are limited appointment availabilities for your flying dress experience, so register early when RAIN flying dress is near you!

Our Main Locations

Scroll down to learn about the top three locations we travel to most frequently. Click on the location name that you find most convenient, register for a date and time, and make your payment. You will have a huge variety of colors and styles to choose from!

  • Little Rock, AR

    As a traveling flying dress company based in the United States, Little Rock is one of our key destinations.

    The city offers beautiful locations for flying dress photo shoots. While Little Rock looks beautiful in all seasons, the city look breathtakingly gorgeous during the fall season. This makes it a perfect destination for photo shoots.

    If you live in Little Rock, or anywhere near the city, and want to book a flying dress with us, click on the button below to choose a dress, select a date and time of your choice, make the payment – and it’s done! A gorgeous dress will be waiting for you in Little Rock!

  • Dana Point, CA

    Our team travels to Dana Point, so you can easily book a dress with us if you reside in or nearby the city.

    One of the major reasons we chose Dana Point as one of our key traveling locations is its amazing photography locations. It is one of the most photogenic cities in America, perfect for snapping some stunning pictures in your flying dress.

    Locations like Dana Point can act as an epic backdrop for your flying dress photo shoot at the beach.

  • Orlando, FL

    Orlando is the third major destination of our traveling flying dress company. There are several fantastic places in the city that you can choose from for a picture-perfect photo shoot. Add our stunning and unique flying dresses into the mix, and you’ll have unforgettable experience, creating memories that last a lifetime.

    Want to have an amazing photo shoot in the flying dress of your dreams in Miami? We’ve got you covered!

Upcoming Locations

Below are all of the Upcoming Locations for your photo shoot in a beautiful flying dress. Please click the location nearest you and register for your flying dress experience. If you don’t see an area near you, complete the form to request a visit to your city – because everyone deserves a RAIN flying dress experience!

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Upcoming Elegant Flying Dress Experience by Rain.

  • West Coast Region

    Dana Point, CA

    Laguna Beach, CA

    Huntington Beach, CA

    Los Angeles, CA

    Hollywood, CA

    San Diego, CA

  • Southern Region

    Atlanta, GA

    Orlando, FL

    Little Rock, AR

    Dallas, TX

    Savannah, GA

  • Book Rain

    Schedule a private event with Rain to celebrate your special day. Whether it be your birthday, engagement party, bridal shower, retirement or wedding celebration, we can meet you and your party at a location near one of our specified destinations.

    The location must have a parking space for our truck. This space is approximately the length of two cars. It is the host’s responsibility to secure this space.

    Our truck will arrive 30 minutes to an hour prior to the event to set up to celebrate with you.

    For details regarding specifics for your event, please contact us.

  • Choose Color And Design

    Choose your flying dress color. Please note that some flying dress colors differ per location.

    What fabulous color of flying dress do you want to accentuate your beauty?

    What flying dress design would you like for your photo shoot?