• About Us

    RAIN Flying Dress was founded by sisters Carla and Monica DeBro, born in the small town of Helena, Arkansas. Carla, with a career in education and Monica, with a career in nursing, both hold doctorates in their fields. Despite being personally gratified within their own careers, they always shared a dream of entrepreneurship. Having developed a passion for traveling the world at a young age, Carla and Monica experienced their first flying dress photo shoot in Greece, where they were immediately inspired by the excitement and artistry of the adornment of the flying dress. With a desire to start their own business, Carla and Monica saw an opportunity to give other people the same electrifying experience they had with an elegant flying dress, as a result RAIN Flying Dress was established. Now, RAIN Flying Dress travels to various locations and provides dress rentals for glamorous photo shoots. RAIN Flying Dress is dedicated to helping individuals accentuate their beauty while making their most memorable moments come to life.

  • Vision Statement

    Our vision is to create a movement for women all over the world who believe in their strength, their beauty, and their love. Despite any struggle, they know that anything is possible and have the courage to achieve their greatest desires. We envision a world where through more love and compassion we lift each other up, support each other, and claim our blessings.

    Women are strong, beautiful, and unstoppable.

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide dresses and photograph women in the rain flying dresses to symbolize the beauty, strength, love, and the stories that make each of us unique, just like the train of the dress in the wind.